Profile of the Association

<Our aim>
     To contribute to retaining traffic safety and reducing traffic
     accidents by improvements to the Resin Pavement Technology.

<Our history>
      1974   Establishment of Resin Pavement Association
      1978   Introduced on Manual for Asphalt Pavement as
          “Anti-skid pavement structured with resin-based material
          and hard aggregates”
      1992   Designed as “resin-based surface treatment method” in
           surface treatment item on standard specification for
          asphalt pavement works.
     1993   Alteration of the name of the association to Technical
           Association of Resin Pavement
      2001   Introduced on a traditional publication for pavement works
          as “A method to adhere hard aggregates onto road
          surface using Resin-based material”
<Structure of the association> 
Technical committee

                     Public relation committee
                     Tohoku division committee 
Chubu division committee

General meeting−Board meeting
Kinki division committee
                     Chugoku division committee
                     Kyushu division committee
                     Okinawa division committee
<Head office location>
       4th floor, 3rd Takano-building, 2-17-5
       Kayaba-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,
       Tokyo, 103-0025 JAPAN

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