Resin Mortar Pavement


  Cold applied thin layer resin pavement is a resin pavement using resin
  mortars which consist of colored ceramic aggregates, silica sand, natural
  chipping stones or round-shaped ceramic aggregates mixed with a flexible
  epoxy resin as a binder. The major application of the pavement is for
  pedestrian overpass, footpath and pedestrian road
<The structure>
 Resin Mortar Color Pavement (RP-M-1)

              ←Resin Mortars                                             
                ←Tack coats
                ←Existing surface

 Resin Mortar Landscaping Permeable Pavement (RP-M-2)

          ←Resin Mortars Landscaping Permeable Pavement
          ←Surface course
            ←Sand bedding layer

             ←Permeable Asphalt Pavement as under layer

 Items The Pavement Thickness (mm) 
 Resin Mortar Color Pavement
For footpath on pedestrian overpass   5 to 10
 For steps on pedestrian overpass  8 to 10
 For general  5 to 10 
 Resin Mortar Landscaping Permeable Pavement
For natural chipping stone   10 to 15
 For round-shaped ceramics  8 to 10

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