ETC lane (Electronic Toll Collection System)

An application for ETC lane
Resin-based color anti-skid pavement brings safety and effective traffic
control for ETC lane.

@@@@@@ @@@@ @ @@@For ETC
@@ @For ETC @@Non-ETC

Prevention of traffic
Maintaining vehiclefs@
adequate speed
Help drivers which to use Help non-ETC@driver to
avoid ETC lane entrance
 Management of smooth ETC system

Effective solution
Help drivers watching out
where to go
Safety driving Long-lasting colored
Easy to find
Feature of resin-based anti-skid pavement

The color of resin-based thin layer colored pavement does not fade away due to its structure of  colored aggregates, which are incinerated and colored at more than 1000Ž, being strongly fixed by epoxy resin onto the road surface..The extremely rough surface provides the effectiveness of skidding resistance in wet condition, the prevention of drivers dozing due to its unusual noise and vibration and also driving stability by gripping the tire.The other functions for safe driving is the effectiveness of awareness by the driverfs eyes and of a braking to slow traffic for adequate speed and prevention of collision backward and forward or left and right due to skidding resistance All those are not achievable with the other methods .@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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