Coefficient of friction(
μ) of anti-skid resin pavement in wet condition is over twice the value for existing dense asphalt pavement according to our research by the meaning of DF test. [For BPN, it is about 90 to 100]

<Influence on traffic safety>
 ■Braking distance

    30Km/h  50Km/h 
Before the work    About 7.6m  About 15.5m
After the work   About 3.0m  About 7.0m

[According to a publication “Pavement” 9-7, Mr. Iino and Mr. Yamashita]
 ■Reduction in accident in relation with rear-end collision

   Dry weather Wet condition  In total 
Before the work   253 accidents 157 accidents   410 accidents
 After the work  173 accidents  23 accidents  196 accidents
 Reduction ratio  32%  85%  52%

[According to a publication “Pavement” 10-7]

[Our specification and workable capacity per day]
General specification and workable capacity per day is specified with regard
to the surface condition and the preferable finishes.

Emery and/or colored ceramic aggregates, which the both are hard and
have excellent resistance to abrasion, are strongly adhered onto traffic
road surface using flexible epoxy resin.

Resin-Based Color Anti-skidding Pavement

<The structure>

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